Asset deployment

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JAVLN™ offers a fully customisable asset deployment solution tailormade for utilities, facilities management, telecommunications and multi-trade service providers. 

Designed to help manage large-scale rollouts and complex jobs for network and infrastructure assets, it supports any work order, job or asset type, and site. 

Our solution dynamically generates work orders based on assets and tasks to be completed.  It is capable of managing many contracts simultaneously, in real time, on one platform, while providing immediate visibility of the latest transactions, events and notifications as they occur.  

Keep all parties in your delivery or service chain aligned, informed and working to a cohesive process and make your operation more efficient by lowering administration costs.  Enjoy greater visibility of assets and workflows and monitor performance through easy-to-interpret graphical interfaces. 

JAVLN™ Asset Deployment can be utilised as a stand-alone implementation and customised to suit your unique business environment.  It is available as a Cloud implementation or can be installed on your own infrastructure on-site. 




Delivers unprecedented, real-time transparency across your operations.



Dramatically reduces administration time and minimises handling errors.



Available on mobile devices for in-the-field access and deployment.



Can readily adapt to the needs of organisational and infrastructure growth.



Presents real-time information in graphical, easy-to-understand dashboards.

Automatically assigns jobs and records time and resources spent on jobs.

Supports rapid response to issues through exception-based execution of processes.

Available on mobile devices for ready capture of and access to information in the field.

Readily configurable to fit any service and respond to infrastructure growth.

Provides audit-level information for all jobs and processes.

Allows real-time access to information and ability to escalate issues as they occur.



Case Study - Asset deployment

When Rinnai wanted a job management system that could incorporate both service and installation jobs, they turned to JAVLN.

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