Case study - Data integration


When PGG Wrightson wanted information to be shared automatically so that international and local branches could operate more effectively it didn't take long to find a JAVLN™ solution that also met its need for an electronically integrated supply chain. 


For over 165 years PGG Wrightson has supported the agricultural sector with an ever-increasing range of products and services.  Today it has operations in New Zealand, Australia and Uruguay, where it meets the needs of over 70,000 farmers, growers and processors around the world. 

With over 2,000 staff, diverse business units, alliances and partnerships, PGG Wrightson decided to streamline its internal business processes.  The company wanted to integrate its operations with those of key suppliers and business partners such as third party logistics (3PL) organisations.  This would extend and integrate its supply chain and create significant operational efficiency. 

Most of all, PGG Wrightson wanted to achieve more visibility of its supply chain.  Information needed to be obtained from a range of legacy systems, collated and shared across the enterprise, including financial, order processing and forecasting applications. 

PGG Wrightson also wanted to manage its price book more effectively by automatically updating price information. 

The wide variety of applications, business processes and internal systems, as well as the diversity of customer formats called for a powerful and flexible integration tool.  After researching the market, PGG Wrightson opted for a JAVLN data integration solution. 

PGG Wrightson developed its own XML standards in consultation with key partners and then let JAVLN handle integration with individual back-end systems both internally and with external partners. 

The new system receives incoming files automatically, checks for consistency and loads relevant information into the corporate database and legacy applications, including financial and forecasting systems.  Information is then extracted from back-end systems, collated and made available throughout the enterprise. 

The interface with PGG Wrightson's third party logistics (3PL) partner is also managed, with transactions sent to and from the 3PL and interfaced into the PGG Wrightson AS/400 system. 

Since installing the new system, PGG Wrightson has been able to automatically update livestock price lists on its website - a welcome relief from the days of manual input.  These updates come in the form of XML files that draw on data retrieved from head office after each day's livestock sales. 

The JAVLN solution has also release value from existing applications and used by PGG Wrightson - as information that was previously unavailable is now used through the enterprise.  This has been achieved by working with existing data formats, eliminating the need for expensive re-development of existing applications. 


  • Efficiency - information is automatically distributed and updated, including online price lists
  • Productivity gains - staff are making decisions based on up-to-date and accurate information. 
  • Reduced overhead - automatic processes replace labour-intensive manual procedures
  • Business growth - head office can supply and receive relevent information for careful responsive local management
  • Competitive advantage - new suppliers do not have to change their own data format or systems in any way to do business with PGG Wrightson