Case study - Online ordering


When newly formed Advance Press needed an online ordering system that would integrate with their existing warehouse management product, it contacted JAVLN™ for help. 


The company had risen from the ashes of another company that had ceased trading, so time was of the essence in terms of providing a top-class system for existing customers with high expectations. 

It was critically important for Advance Press that customers could transition quickly onto a new system that would provide all the functionality and features that the customers were used to. 

Just as important was the need to establish a system that could help the company grow and secure new business in an operating environment in which the key differentiation for prospective customers is service levels. 

With these challenges in mind, Advance Press contacted JAVLN and set the ball rolling with a new installation. 

"We needed an online ordering system up and running pretty much immediately," says Advance Press General Manager Ian Smith. 

"Fortunately the JAVLN team was there to help, and we had the system in place within a short space of time. We were able to transition our customers onto the new system without losing any business."

"JAVLN's experience in the print sector was a massive benefit to us – particularly their expertise in implementing connectivity to our print management and warehouse management systems. The team's ability to provide advice and to help us through the details was just outstanding."




  • Integration - Smooth integration with third party applications ensures streamlining of the supply chain
  • Customer satisfaction - efficient processing and delivery makes for happy customers
  • Efficiency - enables cost savings through improved processing time and accuracy of data
  • Intelligence - greater visibility of customer history enables better planning