Data integration

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JAVLN™ takes the pain out of interfacing with legacy applications, translating data across disparate systems and building business-to-business systems with its powerful Data Integration solution. 

Integrating data into internal systems means verifying content, changing formats and transferring the data perhaps with complex selections or manipulation. 

Our Data Integration engine is a smart, flexible platform designed to respond to every aspect of your business's continually evolving data exchange needs.  It supports both service-orientated architectures and a traditional hub and spoke approach. 

Based on full business process modelling, it enables you to build not just functional but graphical, easy-to-understand workflows capable of following long-running business processes. 

Exchange information safely and securely with other organisations - reducing costly and error-prone manual data transfers - and create new revenue opportunities by linking your enterprise with trading partners. 

JAVLN™ Data Integration is easy to implement and is designed as a turnkey solution that does not require extensive IT overhead or additional software to run.  Equally it will support the ongoing evolution of your IT infrastructure - and business growth - through the simple addition of components rather than modification of the core system. 




Architecture can be easily extended to meet the evolving needs of your business.



Secures all communications with SSL or secure SSL for database peace of mind.



Streamlines operations and automates processes to harness distributed data.



Can be readily implemented over multiple machines and operating systems.



Automates operations and processes to capture accurate information without the need for manual keying.  

Allows you to retain existing component middleware while overcoming translation barriers. 

Monitors incoming email and imports data into the system from attachments. 

Allows for the re-use of artefacts inside workflows. 

Enables workflows to branch and be re-entered. 

Provides many layers for internal and partner extension of the system to support new transport or event monitoring protocols, data sources or workflow actions. 

Web application capability allows you to monitor and act on workflows in an online environment. 



Case Studies - Data integration

International boundaries proved no problem for a supply chain integration project that delivered major benefits to agricultural provider PGG Wrightson. 

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A customer interface challenge provided the impetus for OfficeMax to source a powerful data integration solution from JAVLN.

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