Financial services

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JAVLN™ offers a complete and highly flexible solution suite for loan management that handles all aspects of your business operations while equipping you for future growth. 

Feature-rich and readily integrated within existing infrastructure, it helps you manage clients throughout their lending lifecycle while reducing administrative overheads, delivering greater visibility of your business in real time and meeting reporting requirements.  It effectively frees you to focus on customer relationships and business growth.  

The JAVLN solution is simple to implement, user-friendly and offers fully graphical, data-at-a-glace interfaces.  Its web-based configuration tools make it easy to create and offer new products without the need for technical developers, so you can get to market fast and interact easily with customers online. 

An extendable list of services enable you to automate time-consuming processes, enhancing response time for your customers.  And you can customise and then automate regular communications such as contracts and collection letters. 

From initial enquiry to all aspects of documentation, history and security,  is a smart, simple and cost effective solution that will meet the ongoing needs of your business and support increasing connectivity. 




Offers an enviable ROI by delivering efficiencies and comprehensive functionality. 



Supports online connectivity to dramatically enhance your customer proposition. 



By streamlining BAU processes it reduces overheads and improves responsiveness. 



Readily adapts to meet the evolving needs of your business and infrastructure. 



Provides a completely customised, step-by-step approval process.

Automatically generates approval decisions documents.

Operates a complete collection management system including automatic creation of collection letters and fees. 

Assigns tasks and reminds staff of action dates. 

Completely customises all loan and revolving credit products.

Imports bank statements for easy collection.

Provides one-click access to customers, loans, contracts and accounts.

Provides access via web-enabled devices for cost-effective implementation across multiple branches. 

Provides access to the system to dealers and brokers via the internet. 

Reduces risk by applying customised approval rules on specific finance products.