Local governments require flexible, inclusive software solutions with the ability to cope with myriad different processes and workflows. JAVLN™'s complete, ready-to-go, software-as-a-service application (or on-premise deployment) does just that, and can be specifically configured to suit nearly any operational requirement.

Cut down on administration time with streamlined, transparent management of projects, sites, jobs and assets – significantly reducing manual time while providing clear visibility of asset deployment, field staff workflow and suppliers. 

Users enjoy visibility of all data in real time so that the latest transactions, events and notifications are available as they occur, while the Mobile iPhone/iPad App enables remote and even off-line utilisation when out of mobile coverage. 

This solution can be sourced either on-premise or via the Cloud with additional back-up capability also available. 




Fully configurable workflows enable customisation to suit your organisation.



Reduces administration costs and maximises resource utilisation.



One powerful solution handles multiple operational workflows.



Available via the Cloud for mobile and multi-site users.


Enables the capture of information in multiple formats, minimising loss and errors in information. 

Fully configurable for large-scale asset deployment. 

Provides audit-level transparency by enabling visibility of data updates, their timing and the person responsible. 

Capable of auto-creation of jobs against an asset including service schedule, job type, timeframe and job allocation. 

Improved data capture increases accuracy and reduces administrtion time. 

Provides one-click access to information on all aspects of operations. 

Connects easily with existing infrastructure enabling rapid implementation and ongoing modification. 

Extensive mobile solution set available for iPhones and iPads.

Capable of handling and automating a limitless range of local government, supplier and customer processes.