JAVLN™ builds strong, enduring relationships with clients by ensuring we understand their business, listen to their needs and respond with customised solutions that deliver measurable benefits in efficiency and functionality. 

Our Cloud-based, SaaS and enterprise applications are utilised by corporate and enterprise clients in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.  By focusing on service, innovation and value we continue to deliver advances in usability and accessibility that provide competitive advantages.


Our loan application is ideal for small to medium-sized finance companies, providing one-stop shop software that handles everything from client data to communications.


JAVLN local government clients utilise our Asset Deployment and Job Management applications to better manage their resources and drive administrative efficiencies.


Transact with customers, interface with partners, build automation and interface with accounting software using JAVLN i3Pro - the purpose-built insurance application. 


Shipping, ports and logistics companies are all about moving stuff efficiently from A to B.  JAVLN applications enable these providers to integrate information across all points of their business.



When power, water and data providers implement our field service management systems they enjoy the benefits of improved visibility and better resource management. 



Comprehensive solutions purpose-built for brokers simplify quoting, streamline administrative functions, support the transition to online and bolster the broker-client relationship.

How to implement JAVLN™

Clients have a choice of three implementation options depending on their size, location/s and user needs.  

Cloud solution

A Cloud option suits organisations that out-source IT maintenance and support.  All aspects of ongoing maintenance and updates are taken care of, including:

  • Infrastructure (such as hardware and databases)
  • Software support
  • Disaster recovery
  • Back-ups

On-site license

A licensed solution involves purchasing licences for JAVLN software, installing the applications and paying a fee for annual maintenance and support. This option allows clients to capitalise the installation while infrastructure provisioning and maintenance, disaster recovery and system back-ups remain their responsibility.  

On-site subscription

JAVLN software is installed on-site. The infrastructure, disaster recovery and back-ups are the client's responsibility.  A key point-of-difference is that no up-front capital expenditure is required.