Insurance brokers

JAVLN™ offers a purpose-built broker solution that lets you concentrate on client relationships by streamlining back-office processes and improving response times. 

Manage quotes, policies, claims and accounts online; view, print and distribute historical client information and automate renewal notices and payment reminders. JAVLN's solution offers all this integrated functionality and, for users, an easy-to-read graphical interface that captures and presents real time information from across the business. 

For brokers this translates into an enhanced service offering where clients enjoy faster, more convenient access to insurance services and you can be more responsive. 

JAVLN Insurance Broker software also readily interfaces with legacy systems to extend functionality, capture information and offer more intelligent reporting. 




Reduces costs and time by simplifying processing requirements.




Helps you provide a more responsive service and focus on your clients.




Supports the shift to online client services and transactions.




Access your data from almost anywhere, anytime.



Streamlines quoting for faster turnaround. 

Encompasses new business, policy administration, claims, taxes, levies and accounting functions within one powerful platform. 

Generates business reports quickly, easily and in real time. 

Configures taxes, commission and premium calculations for every standard policy. 

Enables you to create personalised quotations, schedules, invoices, expiry notices and reminders in Microsoft Word. 

Automates renewals, invoicing and collections. 

Captures underwriting and risk information. 

Allows you to create, edit and maintain standard documents and an unlimited number of custom templates. 

Enables access to client account information worldwide at any time. 

Stores documents, images or other files through an integrated document management system.