Insurance solutions

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Software for the insurance sector must meet a unique set of challenges.  On the one hand it must often deal with multiple legacy applications or business-to-business systems, and on the other is under pressure to meet the growing demand for more responsive customer service and connectivity. 

JAVLN™ software is a complete solution suite designed specifically for the insurance sector.  It delivers real value by readily interfacing with legacy systems, harnessing and presenting information in real time, providing intelligent reporting and supporting the shift of business-critical activity such as quoting and customer connectivity online. 

JAVLN's web-based applications take client and broker access to a new level, enabling them to access and update their information securely, saving handling time and improving responsiveness. 

Most importantly they enable underwriters and brokers to strengthen their relationships with partners and customers by streamlining communications, delivering better information and supporting secure access to information across disparate systems. 

JAVLN software manages all back office needs, including client policies, claims, accounts and reporting functionality.  Available on-premise or via the Cloud, it is ideal for multi-office and mobile access situations. 




Fully capable of handling all aspects of your business from front to back office.



By streamlining BAU processes it reduces overheads and improves responsiveness.



Cloud-based connectivity makes it ideal for remote or multi-site users.



Supports and enables online processes to dramatically enhance your proposition.



Configures any term-based insurance product.  

Generates business reports quickly, easily and in real time. 

Configures taxes, reinsurance, commission and premium calculations for each standard policy.  

Enables you to create personalised quotations, schedules, invoices and renewals in Microsoft Word.

Automates regular processes such as renewals, invoicing, collections.  

Handles all aspects of business including policy administration, claims, reinsurance, agents, tax, levies and accounting functions. 

Captures underwriting or risk information. 

Groups policies into product categories or by class of business.

Supports a powerful online presence including quoting and client connectivity. 

Stores documents, images or any other file through an integrated document management system. 


Case Study - Insurance underwriting

JAVLN has recently assisted Mariner Marine become more automated which has resulted in management of more customers with the same amount of staff. 

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