Insurance underwriting

JAVLN™ is a complete back-office solution designed specifically for insurance underwriters and underwriting agents.

It delivers real value by readily interfacing with legacy systems, harnessing and presenting information in real time and providing more meaningful reporting.

Most importantly it enables underwriters to strengthen their relationship with brokers and – ultimately – their customers by streamlining communications, delivering better information and supporting broker access to key underwriting systems.

JAVLN manages all back office needs, including client policies, claims, accounts and reporting functionality. Available on-premise or via the Cloud, it is ideal for multi-office and mobile access situations.




Leapfrogs outdated technology by readily interfacing with most legacy systems.



Removes bottlenecks and reduces costs by simplifying processing requirements.



Streamlines BAU processes to reduce overheads and improve response times.



Supports the transition to online processes to enhance the underwriter offering.


Provides an internet-ready portal that enables customers and/or brokers to have secure online access to update their information.

Supports the creation of online sales channels through the provision of an online quoting facility without any additional back-end development. 

Gives real-time access to policy, claim and account information. 

Configures any term-based insurance product. 

Generates business reports quickly, easily and in real time. 

Configures taxes, reinsurance, commission and premium calculations for every standard policy. 

Enables the creation of personalised quotations, schedules, invoices, expiry notices and reminders in Microsoft Word. 

Automates renewals, invoicing and collections. 

Manages new business, policy administration, claims, reinsurance, agents, taxes, levies and accounting functions. 

Captures both underwriting and risk information. 

Groups policies into product or class of business categories. 

Allows the creation, editing and maintenance of standard documents and an unlimited number of custom templates. 

Stores documents, images or any other files through an integrated document management system.