Online Ordering and Inventory

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Transform the way you do business with your customers and trading partners with our top-of-class online ordering and inventory applications. 

JAVLN™ offers a suite of solutions to cover the full spectrum of ordering, procurement, stock management and fulfilment.  Highly configurable to fit unique business needs and able to be rapidly implemented, our online ordering and inventory systems will support your business growth by delivering improved efficiency and service levels. 

JAVLN uses advanced business process management technology to translate the myriad mutable processes involved in the supply chain and structure them into discrete workflows.  The result is a powerful solution suite that resolves industry issues from tracking capabilities to integration and trading networks. 

Our online ordering and inventory applications are also highly flexible - you can configure them any way you want to prioritise services or customers, customise reporting or vary pricing structures.  They also readily support client services levels, contract terms and enforce business process compliance across everyday operations. 

JAVLN™ Online Ordering and Inventory solutions are available via the Cloud or on-premise. 




A streamlined supply chain will accelerate fulfilment and minimise manual processes. 



Faster turnaround time and reduced overheads drive better business performance



Able to integrate with your existing infrastructure and third-party IT systems. 



Web-based applications support client connectivity in an increasingly mobile world.



Provides full catalogue functionality capable of capturing and presenting product data, specifications and imagery.

Supports online customer portals for ordering, payment processing and communications.

Streamlines fulfilment options and offers a full range of picking, packing and dispatch applications.

Includes back-office functionality such as invoicing and account processing.

Readily caters for any supply chain including sales, purchase orders, production order, on-demand order and repeat order fulfilment.

Enables one-touch control of pricing and product groupings.

Graphically presents order traffic, stock management and rolling inventory in one, easy-to-interpret screen.

Utilises industry-standard security practices including user authentication, permission-based access and group or role-based filters. 

Eliminates data integration issues with powerful native B2B and EAI integration ability.

Can be readily adapted and expanded to support business growth or diversification.



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