Managing large-scale rollouts and complex jobs for network and infrastructure assets is a big job.

The JAVLN™ software platform is a fully customisable solution tailored for utilities and facilities management, telecommunications and multi-trade service providers. It provides a powerful solution that can handle all aspects of your operations while enabling task streamlining and workflow efficiencies.

Our flexible technology supports any work order and job type, asset type and asset site – all in a fully graphical, web-based environment.

Developed to dynamically generate work orders against assets and tasks to be completed, our software enables organisations to manage many contracts simultaneously, in real time, on one platform.




Fully configurable workflows facilitate full customisation for your organisation.



Reduces administration costs and streamlines BAU tasks.



One powerful solution covers multiple operational needs.



Available via the Cloud for mobile and multi-site users.


Fully configurable to your own job types and processes.

Create, allocate and administer jobs easily with full capability of field teams. 

Enjoy end-to-end accessibility of key information and activity in graphical formats.

Achieve operational efficiency through lower handling costs and faster invoicing. 

Enables the capture of information in multiple formats, including street and site plans, circuit diagrams and other specifications. 

Ensures levels of functional control via role management.

Allows for sign-off and compliance approval functionality.  

Provides audit-level transparency by enabling visibility of data updates, their timing and the person responsible. 

Capable of auto-creation of jobs against an asset including service schedule, job type, timeframe and job allocation. 

Interfaces readily with legacy and third party applications. 

Improved data capture increases accuracy and reduces administration time. 

Provides one-click access to information on all aspects of operations. 

Connects easily with existing infrastructure enabling rapid implementation and ongoing modification. 

Extensive mobile solution set available for iPhones and iPads. 

Capable of handling and automating a limitless range of asset, field service, supplier and customer processes.

Delivers information to those that need to know it in real time from an animated graphical interface.